Merle, Things Aren't Funny Anymore....

There is just something about the way he tells a story in a song.  Listen carefully to the lyrics and tell me that you can't see this in cinematography.

This is a song I listen to as I think about my book and it gives me more inspiration to write.  I love this song and what it represents to all the hoboes riding the rails.

                                            Hobo Bill's Last Ride, Merle Haggard

                                          Write Debbie Write,  Inspiration for my book, but more
                                           for my life, my dreams...

Willie and his music has a way of mellowing me out.  He has a way with words that should make any writer find words down deep in the soul which are pleading for release.  Release of their meaning so all the world can read and understand..

Out of your shoes

Always Wanting You, Merle Haggard

Today I Started Loving You Again, Merle Haggard

A Place to Fall Apart, Classic Merle Haggard

This is music to write to, to dream to...

                                         Misery and Gin, Merle Haggard

You can not get any better than this..Gets my imagination churning...

No More Trains To Ride, Merle Haggard

                              Till I Can Control Again, Emmy Lou Harris and (my darling) Willie Nelson!

                                  And since Rodney Crowell wrote this beautiful poetic song....

Rodney Crowell, Please Remember Me
                                            One of the most prolific songwriters ever. I love your
                                            and your gift Rodney!

Things I Wished I'd Said

Mark Chestnut Hard Secret toKeep

Mark Chestnut  I'll Think of Something

Mark Chestnut She Never Got Me Over You

Mark Chestnut Broken Promise Land

Mark Chestnut Goodbye Comes Hard For Me

Mark Chestnut She Was

Gene Watson "Only Yesterday"

Between This Time and The Next Time
Gene Watson

Gene Watson

Sammie Smith, Haven't You Heard..Wow what a story..

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